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"My initial objective in contacting Columbia Nutrition was to learn what to eat so that I could maintain my good health and extend my life.  Marcia was able to engrain in me not only what to eat but how to eat by being mindful of my choices and portion sizes. The benefit of her teaching me to plan my meals and think before I eat has resulted in my successful weight loss.  Her personal interest in achieving my goals and her interaction with me as a client was effective and straightforward. She has gotten me to do something my mother never could, to always eat my vegetables!"

"Columbia Nutrition provides just the right amount of coaching, cheerleading, and independence. I lost 14 lbs in three months!"

"After being diagnosed with food allergies, my diet changed for the worse and I packed on the pounds. I had difficulty figuring out how to eat well in the midst of all my dietary restrictions--which negatively affected my mindset. I began a serious workout schedule which helped me becomie more fit and strong, but my weight remained unchanged. My work with Marcy changed my outlook. We didn't talk about what foods I should or should not be eating, or what I could or could not eat. Instead, she helped my realize that I could enjoy food, include my favorite foods on my diet, and lose weight--simply by being more mindful. It has required a level of consciousness that took a lot of work to achieve, but Marcy has coached every day and I'm finding after just two months that mindful eating, with the tools Marcy has provided, is becoming second nature. Marcy is gentle but direct, and knows her stuff. She's a loyal and reliable cheerleader whose methods achieve results. I've lost 21 lbs in four months that involved Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's! The best thing is I feel like this is a lifestyle I can sustain, because it didn't involve a 'diet.' I couldn't be more pleased."

"Marcy has done a great job in getting me to think about the quality of the food I am eating. I definitely eat less junk now, because I am more mindful of how it makes me feel. She is always positive, and helps me to come up with my own creative ways to reach my goals. It's nice to know you have your own personal cheerleader."

"Working with Marcy, I have lost 20 lbs in 14 weeks. I didn't drastically change my diet or feel like I was making great sacrifices. With Marcy's guidance and advice, I was able to make better choices and be more mindful of my eating habits. I believe these changes will be lifelong and serve me well throughout my life as opposed to trendy diets that lack permanence."


/// Prem, from Silver Spring, MD

"If you're serious about weight loss and improving your health, I highly recommend Columbia Nutrition! Columbia Nutrition provides a great balance between excellent nutritional advice and accountability to achieve weight loss goals with a genuine touch of personal service."

/// cathy, from Sykesville, MD

/// susan, from syracuse, ny

/// beth, from silver spring, md

/// jill, from silver spring, md

/// mike, from hunt valley, md

"Meeting and working with Marcia of Columbia Nutrition made a huge difference in my weight loss journey.  With Marcia's guidance and assistance I've been able to lose 25 lbs. and keep it off.  I looked forward to seeing her every week, and working with her one-on-one made all the difference when inevitably I hit roadblocks in losing weight.  By talking through what I had eaten and why, it became easier to recognize and avoid my usual food triggers.  Talking to Marcy felt like talking with a friend who always made you feel good about yourself.  I would tend to focus on what I hadn't done, but Marcia helped me realize I really had taken positive steps toward my weight loss and fitness goals.  I have never been successful with programs like Weight Watchers before because I never felt comfortable asking questions and sharing food issues with a group of strangers.  I always felt comfortable with Marcia though, and I think that's what made my weight loss journey with Marcia so successful.  I would recommend Columbia Nutrition to anyone looking for a healthy, personal weight loss program."

/// OBERN, from COLUMBIA, md

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