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Recipe for Adopting Healthy Eating Habits: A Handful of Curiosity, Some Mindfulness, & a Large P

It’s a simple, basic recipe that can be whipped up easily every day and sprinkled on everything you eat. You just have to put a little bit of thought into the mix.

Curiosity, according to means: the desire to learn or know about anything. In order to change your eating habits, being mindful at the beginning through to the end of eating occurrences is crucial. In order to be mindful, it takes an element of curiosity. Curiosity about how your thoughts and mental and physical feelings affect your food consumption and physical activity habits. If you want to lose weight, be curious about why, when, where, and how you eat. Being curious, and open-minded will allow you to practice being mindful. The definition of mindfulness is: “attentive, aware, or careful”. It is pausing and using your senses to take time to enjoy your food. Slowing down is only one way to be mindful. Thinking about your hunger level and the nutrients your body needs is another way. But all of these ways begin with curiosity.

When you begin to be curious and mindful while eating, this allows you to exhibit choice. The word choice inherently implies being mindful. So to choose, according to means: to select from a number of possibilities or pick by preference. If you are choosing out of preference, you first have to pay attention to the possibilities. So if you allow yourself to be curious and mindful during eating, then you open the door to making healthy food choices. When you practice being curious and mindful, it will give you the information that is necessary to begin to adopt healthier eating habits.

Mindful eating, curiosity and wonderment about each food experience, and food choices are all interrelated. It seems you can’t have one without the others. For those of you who either want to manage your weight or just learn to eat more healthfully, you always have the ingredients at your fingertips to create this recipe for success.

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