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An Apple a Day Keeps the Weight Away

There's a reason for my apple-inspired company logo. Apples are DELICIOUS, HEALTHY, and FILLING! In my opinion, they are truly a miracle food!

You know the saying..."An apple a day keeps the doctor away." If you're headed to the doctor with an excess weight problem, you might just want to make this your new motto. Apples are high on flavor and low in calories--a large apple contains 120 calories. You'll also stay fuller for longer, because apples contain lots of water and a ton of fiber (5.5 grams per large apple)! Plus, the fiber in apples isn't just any old fiber; it comes from a rich source called pectin, which a UCLA study found to lengthen the digestion process by 1-2 hours compared to regular fiber. The average person is supposed to take in around 25-30 grams of fiber per day. If you have just one apple, you'll get about one fifth of your daily recommendation for fiber!

Crowding out is a nutritional term that is used to describe the process of eating healthily so that one is satiated enough to avoid junk food cravings. This term is preferred by specialists over cutting out, because to 'cut out' a food infers that one will be depriving himself of something. Crowding out is meant to be the opposite of cutting out. If one consumes enough healthy food during the day, he will not have the time or desire to crave unhealthy foods. Because they are so healthy, filling, and delicious, apples make a great "crowd." Eat a few apples and other fruits/veggies during the day, and your junk food cravings will disappear!

If you aren't a whole-apple-lover, try incorporating apples into your recipes! This article offers a few great meal suggestions that swap in apples for high-calorie alternatives.


How an Apple a Day Keeps Weight Gain at Bay by Jenny Sugar

An Apple a Day Melts the Pounds Away! by Kathy Freston

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