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8 Negative Eating Thoughts You Need to Put a Stop to - THOUGHT #6

Drum roll, please.....Negative Thought #6!

6. “I deserve this.” Say this instead: “I can always make my own choices to allow myself anything I want to eat. I always deserve good things, but I don’t need to use food as a reward.” Check out this Washington Post article, “How post-workout food rewards can sabotage your goals.” You always deserve to eat as a human being and have permission to eat anything you want. However, watch out if you’re frequently using food as a way to reward yourself or numb your painful feelings. Food won't solve your problems and ‘reward eating’ can often lead to a vicious cycle of shame, blame and dieting. There may be a problem that needs attention which may warrant a non-food solution.

Revisit my blog to view the last 2 common negative eating thoughts!

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