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8 Negative Eating Thoughts You Need to Put a Stop to - THOUGHT #5

Don't sabatoge yourself! Here is Negative Thought #5:

5. “I’ll start over on Monday.” Say this instead: “If I get right back on track for my next meal, I won’t sabatoge my efforts. If I put off getting back on track, I will back-track and I don’t want to do that.” There's a mentality that you can't get back on the healthy eating horse until the beginning of the week, says registered dietitian Vicki Shanta Retelny, who blogs at the website “Simple Cravings Real Food.” “I'd love people to understand that one decadent meal or indulgence doesn't wreck the whole week.” Maybe you ate more than you intended, but move on. Get back on track with your healthy eating routine at your next meal or snack, she recommends.

Continue to visit my blog for the last 3 negative eating thoughts!

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