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8 Negative Eating Thoughts You Need to Put a Stop to - THOUGHT #2

Here is the second of 8 very common negative thoughts related to eating:

2. “I shouldn’t be eating this.” Say this instead: “If I allow myself and plan for this indulgence, it’s okay, because I am not perfect and I don’t indulge myself very often.” Do not ruin your eating experience with negative thoughts in your head. If you made the decision already to eat something, either relax and enjoy it or stop eating it and move on without judgement. Feeling guilty while you are eating something does not allow you to enjoy or be satisfied and live in the moment. Guilt around food may lead to repenting by exercising more or skipping your next snack or meal. As a result, exercise becomes punishment and you feel you have to earn the right to eat.

Revisit my blog in the coming days to read the next 6 negative eating thoughts!

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